Ocean Upscale:
We understand you.

Upscaling is not only for start-up companies, everyone from your neighbor to Apple is focused on future proofing their businesses.

Who we are


Creative professionals who have been responsible for national campaigns across major brands, in addition to the ability to understand and work with micro brands


We have the unique angle of being a manufacturer ourselves as well as working with a multitude of manufacturers around the globe.

Culture Improvement

Transform your office culture from drab to fab by ensuring your employees are happy, engaged, and fulfilled in a positive environment where they can grow alongside you.


We can help you place your products wherever you want your customers to find you.


We have the network to help you find the perfect space for your next location. We facilitate the conversation, but leave the lease work to the professionals.


From site building to financing, we can help you navigate your brand’s journey on the high seas of the internet.

Team Building

You have the right product, now it’s time for the right team. We will help you build your dream team from staff search to hiring and onboarding

Executive Staffing

You’re a numbers person, but you need a social butterfly to fuel your brand’s growth - don’t simply hire your friend’s sister’s cousin’s roommate, let us find your co-pilot.

Business Formation

Bring your idea to life with a solid foundation with our help.

What we do?

Agile Transformation
App Concept Proofing
Hiring and Staffing
Product Sourcing
Product Development
Product Placement
Product Testing and Reviewing
Marketing Strategy
Market Research
Website and Online Presence Review
Website Development
E-Commerce Support
Retail Development
Retail Growth and Strategy
Leadership and Executive Training
Culture Implementation and Guidance
Manager Workshops
Government Contracts

Why we do it?

It's simple - other firms don't give the service nor focus most businesses need.


Other firms simply don't stack up

Our proven strategies and straightforward pricing means you are always getting the best service, attention, and consultation.

Ocean Upscale

Other Agencies


Onboarding Process

Most consultants have dedicated sales staff that search for businesses and then pass them off to a junior advisor who follows a cookie cutter guide and reports progress to management - it is lazy and unhelpful. When you upscale with OU, you work directly with the owners. Each team has an owner onboard, and they are there with you at every meeting, on every call, in every group chat, every everything.

We start with an introductory call to get acquainted with each other. We want to learn about you, and we want you to learn about us. This way we can develop an upscaling plan that fits you - and only you, fully customized, entirely unique.

We meet with key stakeholders and employees that are central to the project. Our goal is always to maximize efficiency so your employees can get back to doing what they do best. We don’t bill hourly; we want to ensure that the project is completed quickly and fully, but it is on us to make that happen as efficiently as possible.

Your upscaling project blueprint is delivered and deliberated until both parties agree with the strategic implementation plan.

Project launch!

Let’s upscale

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